The Best Pellet Waggler Floats

The Best Pellet Waggler Floats – Reviewed For 2022

Fishing the pellet waggler is a fantastic way to quickly bag up on carp. Making sure you are equipped with the best tackle will make sure you session is a success.

One of the most important pieces of tackle when pellet waggler fishing is the float. The float is your first indication of a bite.

Bites when fishing the pellet waggler are often instantaneous so you need to make sure you have a suitable float to give you the most accurate bite indication.

Here we will take a look at the best pellet waggler floats. Before we look at the floats themselves, let’s take a look at what makes a good float for the pellet waggler.

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What makes a good pellet waggler float?

When fishing the pellet waggler, you are more often than not fishing very shallow and making the fish come up in the water.

The key to pellet waggler fishing is getting the carp feeding confidently.

Small floats help bait presentation

People often think bait presentation is just at the hook end of your tackle. However, in circumstances when you are fishing shallow, such as the pellet waggler – your float plays a big role in this.

Having a very big float just above your bait will alert the fish to your presence and they will not feed confidently.

There are times when you will need a big float such as in very choppy water, or if you need to cast long distances. You should always aim to keep your tackle as small as you can realistically get away with.

A well balanced float

When float fishing, it is always important to have a well balanced float as this will give you the most accurate bite indication.

A good starting point we always recommend, especially for beginners is to use a loaded waggler. A loaded waggler is a waggler float that comes pre-weighted. In some cases you do not need to add any additional weight to the float, and in other cases you need to add a small amount of cock your float properly.

Ideally you want to add as little additional weight as possible to your line – as this will effect how your bait sinks. When fishing the pellet waggler, you ideally want your hook bait to sink naturally (unless you are trying to get through nuisence fish).

Casting Accuracy

Accurate casting is crucial when pellet waggler fishing. The aim is to create a small area where you are constantly firing in small amounts of bait to get the fish feeding confidently and competing for food.

You need to make sure you cast into the same place each time to make this method working successfully.

Lots of pellet wagglers come with flights to assist with your casting accuracy. The glide through the air like a dart – with practice you can hit the same spot every time.

A propertly weighted and well balanced float will also assist with accurate casting.

So what are the best pellet wagger floats?

The Best Pellet Waggler Floats

Premier Flighted Loaded Pellet Waggler Carp Floats

Premier have developed these loaded pellet waggler floats which come in four different sizes. The different sizes are very helpful when fishing at different ranges.

Of course you should always try and keep your pellet waggler float as small as possible – the two smaller floats in the range are great for this.

However there are times when you need to cast longer distances, or if you are fishing in windy conditions and you need the extra weight. The larger two floats of the pack are perfect for this.

These pellet waggler floats do not require any additional shot which is exactly what you want when fishing shallow.

The float tips are flighted to assist with a smooth and accurate cast. The float tips are very bright orange so you will have no problem in seeing them.

This pack of four pellet waggler floats from Premier offer fantastic value for money and a great range of options.

Premier Flighted Loaded Pellet Waggler Carp Fishing Float. Set of 4. (Size s1,2,3,4)
  • Made In UK
  • Fully Loaded to aid casting.
  • No Extra Shot Required
  • A Must For Carp Fishing Up In The Water
  • Integrated flight gives stability when casting.

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Drennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers

Drennan’s pellet waggers are fantastic little dumpy floats that are ideal for a small chuck on a commercial lake.

There are 4 different size choices ranging from the very small 4 grams up to 7 grams.

We love that these pellet waggler floats come with optional dive discs that help to reduce splash on entry to the water.

The weighted bases have removable discs which allow you to adjust the weight to suit the conditions and your set up.

Not only are these strong and durable floats very small, but they also have transparent bodies to make your float as inconspicuous as possible.

The highly visible float tips are interchangable between red, yellow and orange. The float tips are flight to assist with casting accuracy.

Drennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers 4g
  • These feature-packed floats are 11mm in diameter and come in 4g, 5g, 6g and 7g sizes. The highly visible tips are flighted to aid casting accuracy and available in a choice of red, orange or yellow.
  • The position of the streamlined base weight also helps with arrow-straight casting and a pair of removable discs allows for additional fine-tuning. These floats also come with optional dive discs that help to reduce plunging on splashdown – particularly useful when catching ultra shallow.
  • The bodies are super buoyant, tough and designed to cope with catching large numbers of carp. Being clear they are also far less conspicuous in the water compared to painted alternatives.
  • Listing is for 1 float, the colour of the tip cannot be chosen and will be sent according to stock availability at the time of ordering.

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Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers

Guru’s foam pellet wagglers are very well designed. They are made of super bouyant foam which means they pop up as soon as they enter the water.

As they are made of foam, they enter the water discreetly with little to no splash.

These floats come in three different sizes. The 3.2 gram float is perfect for small commercials, while the 4.4 offers a little bit more flexibility.

If you are looking a large pellet waggler float, then look no further than the 6.5g pellet wagger from Guru. This is also a great option as a marker float when spodding.

As with most good pellet waggler floats, the float tips are flighted for casting accuracy.

These are very good floats. The only downside is that they are not loaded. Guru however offer an easy solution to this with their waggler converters.

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Last update on 2023-05-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Pellet Waggler Floats Best Sellers

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