The Best Tench Rods – Buyers Guide

Our tench rod buyers guide will help you find the best tench rod in your pursuit of the elusive tench. If you are looking for a new tench rod, then we have you covered. Tench are strong fish and you need to make sure that you are geared up with the most suitable tackle. There […]

The Best Carp Floater Rods

Floater fishing for carp is a dynamite method for catching summer carp. Our buyers guide breaks down the best floater rods for your next carp fishing adventure. Floater fishing is a fantastic way to catch carp. Late summer evenings when the carp are up in the water, fishing on the surface can be dynamite. Bites […]

The Best Pellet Waggler Floats

Fishing the pellet waggler is a fantastic way to quickly bag up on carp. Making sure you are equipped with the best tackle will make sure you session is a success. One of the most important pieces of tackle when pellet waggler fishing is the float. The float is your first indication of a bite. […]

The Best Rods For Commercials

Commercial fisheries are very popular with anglers because of their practicality and large stocks of fish. Lots of commercials offer a wide range of lakes and ameneties. Making sure you arrive with the right tackle is vital to making sure you are successful. Here we will take a look at the best rods for commercials […]

The Best Pellet Waggler Reels Reviewed for 2023

Fishing the pellet waggler involves a lot of casting, therefore a strong but compact and lightweight reel is essential to fishing the pellet waggler successfully. Choosing the best pellet waggler reel for you can be very confusing as there are hundreds of different reels on the market with different sizes and uses.  What size reel […]