Margin Fishing For Carp – Stalking Big Carp

Margin fishing is often called stalking because of the stealth approach anglers will sometimes have to approach when fishing the margins. In this article we will take a look at the different approaches you can take when margin fishing, aswell as tips to help you master stalking for big carp. What is margin fishing? Fishing […]

Canal Fishing – A Complete Beginners Guide

Canals are great for new anglers to begin their fishing adventures. The big attraction to canal fishing is the amount of different species in the water, and also relative easiness to catch the smaller fish that are in the canal. You can get started fishing canals using basic fishing tackle and methods and most stretches […]

Why do anglers go night fishing? 9 reasons why

Why do anglers go night fishing? The potential to catch bigger fish and more of them is a big lure for anglers to fish at night. Fish feed more confidently on a night and the fish are searching looking for food. There is less chance the fish will see fishing tackle in the water because […]

How to hook maggots correctly

The correct way to hook a maggot is: Use a sharp hook. Locate the small lip at the thicker end (head) of the maggot. Hold the maggot in your weaker hand, between your thumb and index finger, exposing the head of the maggot. Gently squeeze the maggot to push the lip outwards. Delicately hook the […]