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Hi, I’m Shaun, editor and main contributer to Rod and Float.

I have been coarse fishing for over 30 years. I started as a very young child when my Dad and Brother started going fishing and as all young children do, I wanted to do the same as then.

Embarrassingly, my first fishing rod was a pool cue with an old reel attached that was purchased from a car boot sale.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t very good. My brother put it together for me, I’m not sure how he made it work, but it did. I say “work”, it did what you need a basic rod to do, but it was far from ideal. I don’t think I managed to catch anything with it.

Even though my first rod was shocking, that didn’t alter the excitement and enjoyment I had. I see a lot of people these days buying lots of very expensive tackle, but do not know to use it. “All the gear but no idea”.

The purpose of this blog is to help and inspire people to get started, learn the basics and enjoy fishing. Fishing can be very complicated, but only if you make it so. I have, therefore, set out to provide you with as much practical information as possible to help you get started.

About Me

As I mentioned above I started fishing from an early age and over a fairly long period-of-time I have honed my skills.

I have caught all freshwater fish, apart from a Catfish which I have never targetted, and fished all types of ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

And I’ve only fallen in twice!!!

These days I prefer to fish commercial fisheries, purely for ease of access and the vast amount of fish and different species that are stocked. I mainly target carp but I wouldn’t class myself as a carp angler.

When I was younger I did particpate in a few competitive matches, however I never actually enjoyed them. I don’t go fishing to compete with other people, I go for the enjoyment, excitement and relaxation.

Whilst I mainly target Carp, my favorite fish to catch is a river Barbel, purely because of the fight they give you.

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